Reilly and I are both part of TenTonStudios which formed a few years ago to band together for conventions for up and coming comic book creators and illustrators.

From this gang came Khoi Pham (X-Men Legacy), Chris Burnham (Batman, Inc.), Jason Masters (Red, Human Target), and other amazingly talented artists.

Every week TenTonStudios holds a Sketch Challenge, and here are two of the top contenders from the POWER PLAY Sketch Challenge!

i.e. the tech-wizard and social media master is drawn skating along by the eloquent CHRIS RING.

Fan-favorite Gowanus Pete is poised and ready for action due the talents of DAVE NEWBOLD.

Check out the TenTonStudios forum for more entries and maybe you’ll want to join in on the fun and post a sketch of your own!

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