POWER PLAY issue#01 Drops Tomorrow From ComiXology!!

An early decision by Reilly and myself was that if we were going to develop a comic together it would have to take place in NYC. There are just so many cool spots, rooftops, dive bars, random sculptures, street art, etc. all over the five boroughs, so why not showcase them? Why not create some fun superpowered twenty-somethings to run amok through these streets?

All the locations in Power Play will be actual places you can visit yourself. (Though no guarantee that it’ll look exactly the same, NYC is always changing!!) Here are two locations you can see in our FREE PREVIEW!

Up above we have Union Square, a hub of activity and probably the most useful subway station in the city. It also features one of my favorite and unusual pieces of public art in the city, the Metronome, by Kristin Jones & Andrew Ginzel, installed in 1999. 

Then we’ve got the opening action scene in the series which takes place on the Queensboro Bridge, or the 59th Street Bridge as it’s sometimes called. Linking Queens and Manhattan it’s a bridge that doesn’t get as much attention as the other bridges but it has a great view and sports the Roosevelt Island Tramway. You may’ve seen it featured in such films as Woody Allen’s Manhattan, John Carpenter’s Escape From NY, and Sam Raimi’s Spider-Man.

The first issue has even more spots from NYC, and the future of the series will see the characters fighting one another everywhere from Brooklyn to the Bronx.

What’s your favorite location in NYC?

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